Wiki software for documenting APIs


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What's an advisable way of documenting and sharing APIs (e.g. HTTP web-services)?

The requirements are:

<li>A Wiki type system in which anyone can edit any page.</li>
<li>An easy way to write an API spec so that the styling/formatting is applied automatically, rather than having to manually add the styling for each individual page.</li>

I would use <a href="" rel="nofollow">Wordpress</a>, except that it's not really a Wiki system; it's more of a blog engine. I want a nice, clean, structured hierarchy of pages, and the ability to <strong>click and edit</strong> instantly.

I tried <a href="" rel="nofollow">Google Sites</a>, but this also seems to be unsuitable, because it doesn't allow me to create a consistent style for APIs. The only control I have over styling is "themes", which change the look &amp; feel of the whole site, and aren't specific enough.

I found a <a href=";_kt=fd785e1d-5b5b-4f2c-8c80-0db860205c9a" rel="nofollow">hosted solution here</a>, but at $499 p/year I'm sure we can do better.

Any suggestions?