Woocommerce login and logout menu options


Staff member
I'm using WooCommerce with my wordpress site and I want to allow customers to login and logout if they wish so that they can see their account details of what they have ordered.

So what I want to do is present a Login button on the top menu when the shop page is being displayed.
I also want the login button to know if the customer is logged in and then to change to a log out button.

On Woocommerce support they have stated that they are no longer using shortcodes for logout functionality but rather endpoints. Here is the details <a href="https://support.woothemes.com/hc/co...ustomer-to-log-out-Woocommerce-account-widget" rel="nofollow">https://support.woothemes.com/hc/co...ustomer-to-log-out-Woocommerce-account-widget</a>

However, this doesn't work as expected. So my question is
1. How to make the logout/login button detect if the user is a logged in customer.
2. How to make a custom menu for just the shop page only (I don't want the login/logout button to appear on all menus throughout the site)

Many thanks in advance