Woocommerce product images replaced with a gallery plugin


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First I would like to analyze my problem. Using Wordpress/Woocommerce I need to add videos beside images in the gallery of the product. Woocommerce does not support videos at all.

So, I thought to install an extra gallery plugin that supports both images and videos.

Now, I want to map a specific image/video gallery collection to a specific product. I want also to view this gallery collection in a new region that is not belong to the standard text fields like description or short description. Lets say above of the main product image. The php code that represent the gallery collection id=1 looks like below :

<?php echo do_shortcode('[wonderplugin_gallery id="1"]'); ?>

The problem is that I need the gallery collection id to be variable, something like this :

<?php echo do_shortcode('[wonderplugin_gallery id="X"]'); ?>

where X represnt the specific gallery collection. How the heck can I connect the gallery collection ID XXXX to my Product page XXXXX?

I have programming skills but I am new to the wordpress code logic.

Any other suggestions to my problem like plugins that may replace the default product gallery with better one ?