Has anyone ever been to a WordCamp before?
WordCamps are short, WordPress-focused conferences which are all fairly cheap, and there are lots happening all over the world.

There's going to be one happening semi-close to me, for the first time since I've started working with WordPress, and I'm thinking of going. Has anyone ever been to a WordCamp before? How was it? Are you planning on going to one?


Never heard of one before. Looks interesting. Hope you'll share your experience with us Yozora. :cool:

I don't see any near where I live yet.


Yeah, sure thing! I was really surprised to see one I could go to pop up on the site listings, so keep checking every once in a while, and one might show up!

Oh, and I forgot to mention that a lot of videos from WordCamp talks are uploaded to http://wordpress.tv/category/wordcamptv/ , so even those who can't go to one can watch some of the talks.^-^