wordpress change menu as per website section


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I am new to wordpress so don't know if I am asking a bad question. I am working on a umbrella website for a company which have 5 company's under it. you can say this is a mother site.

What we are trying to accomplish is when a user comes to main site. we want a menu but if use goes to a company site under it. we want to change the menu as per the company.

<strong>Main Website Menu</strong>
Home | About us | Company 1 | Company 2 | Company 3 .........and so on

<strong>Company 1 Menu</strong>
Home | About Company 1 | Products | HR | Contact us | Back to Main Site

<strong>Company 2 Menu</strong>
Home | About Company 2 | Admission | Careers | Online Demo |Contact us | Back to Main Site

and for rest of 5 companys.

I know Wordpress allow to create multi menu. how to change menu as it goes from company to company.