Wordpress changes are visible only to logged in users


Staff member
So here is an unbelievable issue , i am working on wordpress but the problem is if i changes the content in the template file the changes are visible only if the user is logged in . no condition in the template .

for try i have created a template check.php and put the content only

<? echo "hieeee" ; ?>

assigned this to a page , first time it shows me the correct content for both conditions, but if i change the content like

<? echo "hieeee this is update " ; ?>

for logged in user it will show <strong>hieeee this is update</strong> and for logged out users <strong>hieeee</strong> can't understand where is the issue .

PHP Version 5.5.16 | mysql client 5.0.11 | SunOS wp1.superhome.com.au 5.11