wordpress file upload permission error with 755


Staff member
I've a problem with <strong>wordpress file upload</strong>, when I upload the file <strong>wp</strong> tell me that upload directory has no permission to write the folder or something like that. I faced that problem 1st of july when <strong>wp</strong> want to create a new directory into <strong>/upload/2014/</strong> folder. I just by-pass this problem using putty and make the folder manually by write a command, but didn't understand why the folders are not created into upload folder/directory. I checked the upload, 2014 directory folder permission using FTP I think they looks good, they are 755 permission.

When I want to create a folder into these directory by manually (using FTP), it blocked me and also told that permission denied. To know this issue I change their permissions using putty command. Last of all I got a that When <strong>I set permission 777 or set the public permission to 7</strong> to these folder, next I can create a file or folder into respective directory.

T think that tits bad practices to make the folder permission to <strong>777</strong>, by default the permission of file s <strong>644</strong> and folder iss <strong>777</strong>. And it should work, don't know why this is not working for me.

The wordpress site into AWS dedicated server. It may be hampers for server, I guess don't know exactly.

Can any one please help me to figure out this.

Biswajit Ghosh