Wordpress home page resulting in 404 error


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I've searched for this issue and nothing I have seen so far seems to be the same issue as me.

I have a Wordpress blog setup under a sub folder of a domain ( /development ). Everything works fine. I then changed the permalinks to nice links. Now everything still works fine, EXCEPT for the home page, which results in a 404 on the IIS server.

If I manually put "index.php" after it, the home page appears, but if I don't, it errors. The thing is, the home link that wordpress generates points only to "/" (which is actually what I want anyway).

Here's something interesting...if I then create an index.html file under the root of where Wordpress is and navigate to the home page again, I get the HTML file returned. It's almost as if this server doesn't default to index.php but will happily look for index.html.

I think this might be an issue with it being on IIS. How can I tell it to look for index.php as default?

I have no way of installing additional components / software and it's on a shared server. I don't mind having "index.php" but I'd like the home page to work without it.

Please help if you can.

Many thanks,