Wordpress - Insert html / text in the editor


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I am making a Vimeo Upload plugin for Wordpress, so that you can upload directly from wordpress onto Vimeo and embed it directly. Anyways i think i have the hardest part done and that was the authentication (bad examples where there).

Now I have another problem. In Wordpress you can embed images in the rich text editor through pressing on a button in the popup. ( <a href="http://cl.ly/6Xns">http://cl.ly/6Xns</a> ) ('Invoegen in bericht' button in dutch).

Now I want to do the same thing, insert 'some tekst' (a url is enough) into the rich text area when someone clicks on my 'invoegen' button ( <a href="http://cl.ly/6Wmn">http://cl.ly/6Wmn</a> ) how can I achieve this?

I can't find any javascript documentation on the Wordpress site. Hoping someone can help. I thought, lets look how the other button does it, but the inspector does not show any 'onclicks' and such on that button. Those are hooked on the fly and I don't know where in the code to look for that.

Hoping someone can help me out.

Kind regards.