Wordpress internal links only working for me and no one else


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Hello this is my first time posting and I wanted to quickly thank everyone on this site for the help they provide before jumping into my query.

My wordpress site is acting really odd and I cannot place my finger onto it as to why it is doing what it is. For me only, on my personal google chrome account I can access the website and all its pages like any other website. However if I use a different google chrome account or a mobile phone, I can go to the website but I cannot click on any of the posts links. Only a few external links work on the site.

I recently was approved by Google for their Adsense program and after I had inserted my first ad I noticed that I could no longer click on my website pages. I have since removed those adverts but the website still does not work for anyone else but myself.

I have deactivated every single plugin one by one to see which one is causing the issue but to no avail. The weird thing though is though, when I installed a couple of plugins such as yoast and refreshed my site, it would take me to the post that I was trying to click on before I deactivated the plugin.

I do not know anything about coding to 'look underneath the bonnet' so I am really stuck here.

EDIT: Website is DBZ-Club.com