Wordpress on IIS with shared wp-content


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I've been trying to install Wordpress on IIS and everything went smoothly with a standard installation and an handler mapping for php-cgi.

Since I have a public server (A) and a private shared server (B), I need to have a WP installation on server A with a shared database and shared wp-content on server B.

The main issue is configuring a Virtual Directory on IIS for wp-content on server B with the required permissions.
The Wordpress on server A is able to access the media resources (images and other files). Through wp-admin, I can also access and upload new resources to the shared wp-content.

The problem starts as soon as I try to see the installed plugins or install new ones, since WP can't access the plugins folder, and, as a consequence, the website can't be viewed as well.

I've already tried several things in order to solve the referred problem.

The steps I tried, not necessarily in this order, were:

<li>Created an user on both machines with the required permissions on wp-content;</li>
<li>Gave full access permissions to that user (also Everyone) on wp-content;</li>
<li>Created a Virtual Directory on IIS and Connecting As the created user;</li>
<li>Running the Default Web Site APP Pool with that user;</li>

At the step I'm at, the wordpress does not load the installed plugins and asks for FTP credentials while trying to install new ones.

It seems to me that the problem may be with additional permissions that I don't know about.

If anyone has successfully accessed a shared wp-content with IIS, please help me before I go mad.

Thanks in advance