Wordpress page not found error for posts with hyphen in permalink


Staff member
I need some help related to permalinks.

I have two custom post types "books" and "authors"(created using CPT UI plugin).

i have created few authors where the permalink is generated as "<a href="http://wordpressproject.localhost/author/sagar-kumar-boina" rel="nofollow">http://wordpressproject.localhost/author/sagar-kumar-boina</a>",(with hyphens). This pages are giving page not found error.

But the books with hyphen in permalinks are working fine. (<a href="http://wordpressproject.localhost/book/be-with-me" rel="nofollow">http://wordpressproject.localhost/book/be-with-me</a>)

I'm trying since 2 days. can you plase help me to solve this.