Wordpress plugin is not working after migration to a new server


Staff member
I have moved my wordpress site to a new server, and login.php is working right.
But in there many plugins is not working well, for example the login page is not linked to any other page after I submitted my username and password.

Here is the login page link:
<a href="https://cpalocate.ca/login/" rel="nofollow noreferrer">https://cpalocate.ca/login/</a>

I have entered the invalid username and password, it will also show the blank page, but not error page.

When I add this code in wp-config.php

define('WP_DEBUG', true);

it showed this text. " Notice: Constant WYZ_THEME_DIR already defined in /home/.....".

And I have fixed that, but the same problem.

Now there is no any error debug, but the login page is also not working.

I changed the php version of my site in cpanel, but the same.
Anyone has your idea to solve this issue?