Wordpress SMTP mail: test mail works but not wp_mail


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I'm using wordpress with the WP Mail SMTP plugin in order to send emails via authenticated SMTP. I have now got it opened at the SMTP server so that we can relay there and the Test mail works - reports true and the mail arrives. However, if I try sending using wp_mail from my plugin it doesn't work - wp_mail returns false and the email does not arrive. I put some debugging code in the wp_mail function, including that I debug out the
from the catch block in the try/catch at the very end of wp_mail (when it tries to send the actual mail). This says

SMTP Error: Could not authenticate.

However, as said, the test mails work!

I then started debugging out the phpmailer object and comparing between my wp_mail call and that for the test mail. I noticed that the
protected member was true for mine and not for the test mail. It appears that the global phpmailer does not exist when coming in to wp_mail in my call, so it is created in wp_mail using
$phpmailer = new PHPMailer( true )
If I change that true to a false (i.e. set exceptions to false in the phpmailer object) then not only does wp_mail return true but the mail arrives!

How can I be getting authentication errors if I check for exceptions but the mail still be arriving if I don't check for exceptions? Any ideas?

I'm running wordpress 3.7.1 and WP Mail SMTP 0.9.3 in my development environment. I am experiencing the same symptoms (test mail works but not my wp_mail calls) in wordpress 3.6.1 with version 0.9.1 of the plugin