Wordpress transfer?


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Guys I need your advice. I have a wordpress blog in my previous host and am trying to move it to gigalicous account. Should I install a new wordpress blog and import my stuff or move all the files to my gigalicious? I tried the latter and things are pretty messed up lol


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Please do a full database backup. Then restore when you move them to Gigalicous. If the database names are different, edit the wp-config file in the wordpress directory.

Then, you can transfer themes and plugins from their folder, or just reinstall them with wordpress. You might want to reinstall wordpress, just in case any errors do occur.

Sander k

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The easyest thing to do is a reinstall and a mysql dumb. Make sure you install the same theme and plugins before you do so.


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I`d package everything up (zip) mysql etc and transfer it that way buddy. The problem with imports that it does not always display the content or copy image files etc.
Same with DJB, I zip the whole wordpress folder (wordpress installation) and backup the whole database (mysqldump or phpmyadmin).
extract the zip to the new server/host and import the database backup (mysqldump or phpmyadmin).
if you changed domain name and physical location, it is should be edited in the database using phpmyadmin (options or settings table) after import.