Wordpress - User comments shows the time of post - NOT the time of comment


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See the problem here:
<a href="http://www.codywilliamsmma.com/cody-williams-vs-martin-guerra/" rel="nofollow">http://www.codywilliamsmma.com/cody-williams-vs-martin-guerra/</a>

If you look at the date of the post "09/09/2009", then look at the time I commented on the post "2 years, 328 days ago" ... It's equaling out to the exact time of the post date! Which is very wrong. It should say something like "3 hours ago" since I posted it earlier today.

This is a plugin for wordpress called WP-Days-Ago, the plugin has lots of great reviews and I don't think the problem is on they're end. I think it's something I might have tampered with in one of the comments php files (since I custom built this theme).. All that being said, I'm still uncertain.

Does anyone have any idea on what it might be?