wordpress wp e-commerce update to 3.8 version broke the shop


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I did Update of the WP e-Commerce plugin in my Wordpress 3.6.1 (by clicking Update in Installed plugins in my WordPress).

I then got a red box at the top saying:

Your WP e-Commerce data needs to be updated. You've upgraded from a previous version of the WP e-Commerce plugin, and your store needs updating.
You should update your database for your store to continue working.

I have 36 products currently. Had to refresh page several times to get most of my products updated and display them on the website (as they disappeared on update).
Normally on a refresh I got a few more products updated so the number (example below) was rising eg. displayed 6/36 then 8/36 and so on.

The problem is it's got stuck on the last product - it says now:

Update WP e-Commerce

Updating Categories...

Updating Variations...

Updating Products ...

Estimated time left:Under a minute

I already refreshed page several times and still getting stuck on the same number - 35.

The error message I get on the final refresh is:

<div class="eta">Estimated time left:Under a minute</div>
<b>Fatal error</b>
: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in
on line

Not sure what I can do with it?
When I go to Products page I still have a red message saying I need to update the plugin and the database to continue working. But on Installed plugins page it looks like the plugin is fine and doesn't shout for the upgrade anymore.And there is no Delete option, only Deactivate...

My products are messed up on the website so their pages just display all products in the shop the way the main shop page does...

If I add a new category or product their link just go to Page Not Found...

So there is something wrong with the database
And I don't even have an option to delete the plugin... and start from scratch. Big bugger

Anyone can help please?


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