Wordrpress wp-json not found on server -- localhost


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Here's the sitch:

I downloaded and installed Wampserver64 and Wordpress 5.2.3

I finally made it to my site, but <strong>I can't preview or publish pages with the new Gutenberg or block editor because something is broken</strong>! When I edit with the Classic Editor, it's all good.

****Here's not the notice I get from the Site Health Plugin****

<em>The REST API is one way WordPress, and other applications, communicate with the server. One example is the block editor screen, which relies on this to display, and save, your posts and pages.
The REST API call gave the following unexpected result: (404)
Not Found
The requested URL /wordpress/wp-json/wp/v2/types/post was not found on this server.
Apache/2.4.39 (Win64) PHP/7.3.5 Server at sitefolder Port 80</em>

I have scoured the internet on how to fix this but so far nada. Help much appreciated!