Worst SEO advise?


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More bad SEO advice I've heard?

"Just pay this SEO company, they'll get thousands of backlinks all over the place"

I did a search on that guy, and found forums where this company spammed his domain all over the place, got banned ... lots and lots of that. Google isn't that dumb. Same guy that told me Adwords was where it's at. He probably thinks that because he couldn't rank organically with those schlubs he hired.
I think there is some sort of wink/wink between google adwords and organic rankings. I kinda wonder if you are currently using adwords or if you ever have for a certain domain if they keep you out of the top spots on purpose so you will be more likely to use their PPC. Maybe I'm just crazy....


Laubster said:
Building links is against Google's rules and should therefore be avoided ; )

Anything that can earn money to someone else but Google should be avoided ...secret Google strategy ...:p