Would you like to learn php

Would you like to learn php

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Maybe you should let us know what kind of lessons you're thinking of giving, and how?

Mahmoud Ourti

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Introductory lessons only after possible that do
Advanced lessons

I will explain all codes like " echo " , " <?php ?> " .......


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I am learning php from past 5 years, but each day I learn new and new things. Php is just the ocean of coding and we are in the center of it. We think we learnt it full but its just 0.00001% :)


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This is a great idea! I already know PHP so I don't need the help but the people that don't know how to code PHP this will be great for them! I can offer some help too if you need any help. I love helping people and I would enjoy it!


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I know PHP, but I'd love to learn more about frameworks like cakephp and codeigniter or more about interacting with the shell command.