wp all import script to custom post image gallery


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This post has been edited on 30 Nov 2015 and I have answered it myself. The correct script is at the bottom of this post. Thanks and good luck!

The problem:

To explain, I am working on localhost using MAMP, I am using WP ALL IMPORT plugin to get data into wordpress..I have a theme called BOOK YOUR TRAVEL. It has a custom posts and one particular custom field called "accommodation_images". It stores image ids in whole array which is serialized. For long I did not realize that I did not have to serialize it my self. I found scripts for similar purpose and have tried working with them.

I managed to get all images imported and attached with the plugin, and then importing to custom field "accommodation_images" was harder. as soon as it hits foreach I get empty array. when I comment foreach loop I get one entry only if I use following line

$atts[] = array("image" =>$attid);

The single entry was obviously last one as it loops trough all..

but it is in a right format:


This is how the entry should look like in the db when more then 1


unserialize shows this array as

Array (
[0] => Array
        [image] => 16487

[1] => Array
        [image] => 77726

[2] => Array
        [image] => 77722


Below is the code that I have been working around

 //This hook is called after WP All Import creates/updates a post meta.
//$pid – the ID of the post/page/Custom Post Type that was just created.
//$attid – the ID of the attachment
//$image_filepath – the full path to the file: C:\path\to\wordpress\wp-content\uploads\2010\05\filename.png

add_action('pmxi_gallery_image', 'update_images_meta', 10, 3);
function update_images_meta( $pid, $attid, $image_filepath ) {
//$attachment = get_post($attid);
// do something with $attachment image

// Get all the image attachments for the post
$param = array(
        'post_parent'       => $pid, 
        'post_type'         => 'attachment', 
        'post_mime_type'    => 'image'

$attachments = get_posts($param);

// Initialize the array
$atts = array();

// Fill the array with attachment ID's
  foreach ($attachments as $attachment) {
    //$atts[] = $attachment->ID;
    array_push($atts, array("image" =>$attid));
    //$atts[] = array("image" =>$attid);

    //$serialized = serialize($atts);
    //echo $serialized;

    // unhook this function so it doesn't loop infinitely
    //remove_action( 'save_post', 'update_images_meta', 10 );

    // Update the post's meta field with the attachment arrays
    update_post_meta($pid, 'accommodation_images', $atts);

    // renable save post action
    //add_action( 'save_post', 'update_images_meta', 10 );


I needed to fix the loop in order to get the rest of the images added to array.