WP API and React rendering HTML, not text


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I am creating a react wordpress blog. Right now I am sending a JSON request and getting all of the posts, this is working properly ) Once I have that I am creating a post object for each post.

I can properly display the title, image, etc. However when I try to display the content of the post using post.content.rendered ( i take the first 250 characters for a preview ) It is showing the actual html in the output for example instead of printing "Hello World" it is printing

<p>Hello World</p>

I am getting the json response successfully from: /wp-json/wp/v2/posts and i am returning the post info in the code below.

return (
    <article className="post-outer" id={post.id}>
      <section className="post-section">
        <a className="post-link">
          <div className="post-box" >
            <h1 className="post-title">
            <p className="post-desc">
          <figure className="media-wrapper"><img src={ this.state.media } /></figure>