WP Theme With an Index Page That's Actually an INDEX?


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This was central to the concept of the weblog as Jorn Barger invented it.

In general terms, something like Cryptome's page, but maybe a little less spare.

I've gone through literally thousands of themes and never seen a true index page of this sort yet.

Many thanks for any pointers!


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You can pick between showing a static page or latest blog posts. You can find it in the settings > reading section in WP admin.


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ogah said:
do you mean the page only showing list file in folder like not have index file?

I would settle for just a generic/default blog page with the usual header that then just listed the posts without that useless three or four sample lines of the text after the date/title line. Really, that would be good enough -- just the one line that would link to the interior article's own page.

Seems really simple and very sensible -- why has nobody ever done it? :undecided:

Here, go to Twenty Eleven...

Once you get over the atrocious whitespace management at the head, look where "featured" begins and defines a block. Remove that element and replace it with a list of articles, each taking a single line.

That's all I want.