X-Men: Days of Future Past


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Sooo... it's coming out in a couple of days.

Anyone else seeing it?

I personally am very excited, being a big X-Men fan and all. I heard this movie's going to be one of the best things to happen to the movie franchise.


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I was considering watching but since I usually never have time I never got to catch up on all the previous movies.


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My son just saw it and he told me it was good. I can't wait to see it for myself. I love movies like comic book heroes.


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I'm really liked X-Men Days of Future Past. It delivers on wonder and will remind you of what it is to be a kid again.


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Its got a rubbish storyline ... Travel from future to change past ... how many such stories have we seen ..................a few of the scenes are very well shot though

Not much of Wolverine action - a big disappointment if you are a WOLVERINE FAN



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I watched it few weeks ago, really good part of the series. You'll understand many things from the characters of the movies and history is always good for future.

Well made.


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Its a pretty good movie. Combining the old X-men movie franchisee and the new one (actually the old 60's and 70's one) was a pretty good move. Really enjoyed watching the movie.


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What's the first X-Men movie? I saw one a few years ago because it aired on television, but I think it wasn't the first one. I wanted to watch from the first one till the last one to follow the storyline. Or can I watch them in any order?


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The first one is from 2000 (X-Men). There have been 7 so far. If I were you I would start watching from the 2009 X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the three that follow. It is not necessary to watch them in order or to watch more than one, but you will appreciate the setting much more and have a better understanding for the characters. If you are planning on watching them all anyways then go ahead and watch them in order.


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My favorite X-men moovie is the First Class. The The Wolverine and Origins: Wolverine are the worst. It was good to see the old characters together again.