Xperia Z3 pixel stuck


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I have just bought a new sony xperia z3 and after using it for a day I have noticed some stuck/dead pixels.

- 1 red pixel
- 1 black pixel
- 1 black pixel
- 2 black pixels next to each other

There may be others that i have not spotted yet too.

Are the black pixels dead or stuck? This is a TN panel and I read that dead pixels on TNs are white.

And is it normal to have so many pixels like this? I know the panel has like 4 million pixels but even so, this does not seem right. My old phone was junk and it never had any dead pixels... this panel seems to have like 5 right out of the box. And this is a very nice expensive piece of kit.

I have tried various techniques to get rid of stuck pixels (tapping, flashing colours) nothing works.

Any ideas?


If you just bought it new then it should be under warranty. You can try to look in the manual and see if there's a support number, or you could go back to where you bought it from, complain that it's defective, and maybe they'll let you exchange it for a good one.


If you want to be safe just ask for a new replacement phone since the one you have has dead pixels. it can be fairly common to have a dead pixel on a screen of some sort. But you have quite a few so you might as well send it back to get a new phone it should be free as well since you haven't even had it for a week.