You know my country - Vietnam?

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You know my country - Vietnam?
- people
- social
- traditional culture
And you know Vietnam through information:
- TV
- newspapers
- internet
- friends
- relatives


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Only from movies! Good American - bad vietnamese hollywood staff... But I think is a beautiful country , from the photos though


Up to meeting you Leobb I thought that only the military in Vietnam had access to the Internet. That access to the Internet is very difficult for civilians. Do all people in North Vietnam have access to the Internet and how computer literate is your average person compared with in the United States for example?


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This picture is The latest survey of WeAreSocial on the Internet Development in Vietnam (10/2012)

In particular , the survey also WeAreSocial , 55 % of Internet users in VN believe that the Internet helps them feel more confident .

WeAreSocial said they conducted the latest survey ( 10/ 2012) on the development of the Internet , social media , digital and mobile phones in Asia . This organization has chosen Vietnam as the first Asian country to publish detailed data survey and assessment VN is " the most interesting markets in Asia ."

" With a population of over 90 million people and an economy growing 5.4 % in the third quarter of this year alone, Vietnam is a huge opportunity for brands worldwide ," writer Simon Kemp WeAreSocial written on the homepage of the day 17/10 .

Social networking , digital devices and mobile phone VN is growing at astonishing speed , with Internet users in the country increased by 5 % since WeAreSocial survey report in late 2011 .

WeAreSocial of Internet users said Vietnam was 30.8 million . The rate of Internet users in the total population is 34 % ( higher than the world average is 33 % ) . Particularly in 2012 , Vietnam has added 1.59 million new users .

Some other statistics about the use of Internet in VN :

- 73 % of users under 35 years of age .

- 66% of " netizens " to access web every day and they spend an average of 29 hours per month on the network .

- 88 % to 36 % online at home and in cafes .

- 81 % are still accessible through desktop , 56 % through mobile devices and 47 % via laptops ( many users simultaneously 2-3 devices ) .

- 95 % of Internet users visit news sites .

- 90 % watch videos online ( average rate in Asia is 69 % ) .

- 61 % of Internet users had made ??online shopping .

- 86% of Vietnam's Internet users visited social networking sites .

- 8.5 million Facebook users , and this is the most popular social network in Vietnam in October . Number of Facebook users in Vietnam increased by 500,000 in just 2 weeks. 28 % netizens Facebook account .

- 9 % of Internet users use Twitter in the past month .

Vietnam is also a country with growth fastest members on Facebook is 146 % in 6 months . The majority of members under 34 years old and a member of the higher female .

Number of mobile Internet users in Vietnam is 19 million people .

35% of mobile Internet users access social media content over the phone .

According TTO / WeAreSocial


leobb said:
Don't worry. I thinks you don't known all story of my country.
You did misunderstand what whsecurity said leobb. You interpreted it as political when he was only telling you how little he knew about your country, and what he knew was only from the movies. It was an honest and sincere response from him. In the IT world you rarely get people worried about where North Vietnam is, and what its politics are. We're more interested in your own views about the world.

For myself, I'm very interested in the status of IT in Vietnam. So thank you very much for all of those statistics. They totally bowled me over. Do you have many opportunities to study IT at Colleges and Universities in North Vietnam? Is it expensive to study IT or does the Government provide all of the tuition for free? Are there many people who are choosing IT as their careers in North Vietnam? Does it earn a good salary?


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No, I do not focus on this issue. I respond because I knew whsecurity through the incorrect information when TV talking about my country.
Please note: Right now there is no way to call North Vietnam and South Vietnam. Our country was unified, divided into 3 regions: North - Central - South.
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