Your :Domain buying experience and the Wishlist

My main domain is / I am using

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Please share your domain buying experiences like, how you introduced with domain, in which year you got your first domain, from which company it was, how much your first domain costs, Now how many domains you have and which company you prefer to buy a domain and the current market pricing.
Which TLDs are your favorite and which you don't like.
And also write the domain names that you wish to have.


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I wish I could remember where I got my first domain back in 2004 lol. I know that it was, but other than that, everything escapes my mind. More recently I have used for my domain needs. They have great prices, hosting, and customer service.

I wish I could snag and try to re-open the website in all its glorious wonder.


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I had my first domain in 2006 which was from networksolutions and started my web developing career as a wap master to provide mobile contents cause in that time wap sites had huge traffic and it was fun for me. Later I got many domains for my clients to build their websites. The best domain provider I found UK2Group and their domain control panel / supersite is awesome for me.
I guess I registered total 194 domains but now serving only 24 domains to the worldwide.

I wish to have to create a portfolio about myself and my daily life cause Yusha that's my name.