Your Favorite Mobile Game?


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I am addicted to Royal Revolt 2 is an reverse castle defence online game...i have been playing it since last 2 years...At first it may seem like a copy of clash of clans but it have different taste.


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I am keen on Minecraft. Rough graphics initially had resistance.
However, it runs with cheap hardware, so you can enjoy it easily. Although I have various options, I enjoy classic at the moment.


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Has to be World of Goo

Created by 2D Boy... runs on *nix, Win, OSx, Android, iOS and according to their site, Nintendo Switch upcoming!

See this excerpt from the 2DBoy website[font]:

World of Goo is a physics based puzzle / construction game. The millions of Goo Balls who live in the beautiful World of Goo don't know that they are in a game, or that they are extremely delicious.[/font]

Checkout this video...

You Tube Video: World of Goo


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I like to play clash of clans and boom beach, as I love the war aspect of the game. (im a big CoD person so :p)


shubhangtiwari said:
Sim City is the best.

Why do you think that Sim City is the best?

Low quality posts like the one above won't count towards earning hosting or a VPS, just so you know.


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Clash of clans has to be the best game until now. It features a complex war and strategic environment with very long hours of playtime ( And never ending too because they add a new level to it in every update) It also has a very reasonable package size of around 100 MB.

For the people who love to race, Real Racing 3 By EA Games is the best in class. It has elegant graphics and world-class simulation. It comes with a big package size although of more than 1.5 GB

I have been playing both the games for more than a year and i must say it's pretty interesting.


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Sling Kong is my favourite. Avaible on both iOS and Android.
In this game, you can play with some characters: animals, bacteries, robots, etc... You can even create your own characters.
You have to sling your character, and get much higher you can.

Sorry for my bad English.
Have a great day!


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I used to play a lot of Jetpack Joyride, that game is so addictive, you just want to keep going and improve your kit. Another mobile game is Smash Hit where you throw balls to destroy a series of glas structures. Its so relaxing..


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Since i am a match 3 fan candy crush saga is my favorite. Only thing is i will be going up slowly as i will play one level as much as i get in the 1st position in my group


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my fav is 1942 by nintendo, hahahaha thats is old style game but make me remember my time that video game is rare and expensive


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Blooms Tower Defense 5.

The latest update basically doubled the content of the game and there's so many different ways to play.


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I don't really play mobile games anymore because I'm busy (and they can be addicting...).

When I did have time, I used to play Clash Royale (and was pretty good at it to be honest).