Your Fvaourite RPG Games


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What are your favourite RPG games and why? What games would you recommend to people?

For me it`s the Zelda games, my favourite would have to be Zelda: A Link to the Past released way back in 1992 (showing my age there) I loved it and still do, sometimes revisit the game as I still have a Super Nintendo console.

It`s such a great game, you can more or less pick it up and play, no awkward control system like most modern games these days. I you picked up power up`s and extra items along the way, plus you could explore two worlds, Light World and Dark World which in essence was more or less the same but the enemies was tougher and odder.

If you have emulator for Super Nintendo on your PC or whatever, try it out


Instead of continuing to use the side-scrolling perspective introduced to the series by Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, A Link to the Past reverts to an overhead perspective similar to that of the original. While A Link to the Past still uses mechanics and concepts from the original game, it also introduces new elements and innovations. For instance, arrows are now separate items, as bombs are in the original, instead of using a Rupee to fire an arrow. A Link to the Past also takes concepts from The Adventure of Link, such as the magic meter, which is used by items such as the Lamp. Control of Link is more flexible than in previous games, as he can walk diagonally and can run with the aid of the Pegasus Boots (Pegasus Shoes in the GBA version). Link's sword attack was improved to swing sideways instead of merely stabbing forward; this gives his sword a broader range and makes combat easier. Link swings his sword as the default attack in future Zelda games, although stabbing is also possible in the later 3D incarnations.

Recurring items and techniques were introduced for the first time in A Link to the Past, such as the Hookshot, the Master Sword, the Spin Attack technique, the Ocarina, and the Pegasus Boots. Heart Containers that increase the player's maximum health (hit points) in the earlier two games are present, but many are split into "Pieces of Heart", four of which make up one Heart Container. Most of them are well hidden, adding replay value to the game. All dungeons are multi-level, requiring Link to walk between floors and sometimes fall through holes to land on lower levels.

A Link to the Past is the first appearance of what would subsequently become a major Zelda trademark: the existence of two parallel worlds between which the player travels. The first, called the Light World, is the ordinary Hyrule where Link grew up with his uncle. The second is what was once the Sacred Realm, but became the Dark World when Ganon acquired the Triforce. The Dark World is a corrupted version of Hyrule; the water is a dark, unpleasant blue-green color, the grass is dead, skulls replace rocks and pots, and trees have faces. People change forms in the Dark World based on their nature; without an item to prevent it (in this case, the Moon Pearl), Link turns into a pink rabbit. Each location in the Light World corresponds to a similar location in the Dark World, usually with a similar physical structure but an opposite nature (e.g. a desert in the Light World corresponds to a swamp in the Dark World, a peaceful village in the Light World corresponds to a dilapidated town of thieves in the Dark World).

Link can travel from the Dark World to the Light World at almost any outside location by using the Magic Mirror, and can travel back to the Dark World again from the same location using a temporary portal left behind on the map at the point where he reappears in the Light World. Otherwise, Link must use hidden warp locations throughout the Light World to travel from the Light World to the Dark World. Travel between worlds allows for puzzles in A Link to the Past that exploit structural differences between the Light and Dark Worlds, as Link may travel to otherwise inaccessible areas in one world by warping from parallel but accessible locations in the other world.


Tell us about your favourite RPG games!


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My favorite RPG has to be Pokemon Crystal for GameBoy Advance. I believe it is my favorite because of how easy it is to pick up and play at anytime. It is a simple and short RPG but can keep you playing for hours a day. There were over 250 Pokemon to catch and collect on the last game I played and know through my brother that the newer games have even more. It's fun to catch and watch your Pokemon evolve and get stronger.




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This is actually a hard one for me I love so many RPGs I am kinda an RPG fanatic I am going to have to say the very first RPG I ever played. Final Fantasy III as if was first released in america it is actually Final Fantasy VI (6). It was a east game to pick up and had hours of game play. I will say one bad thing about it is that the difficulty of it in some areas was ridiculous and in others it was to easy... I have actually beat this game at lvl 45 out of 99.


ike previous Final Fantasy installments, Final Fantasy VI consists of four basic modes of gameplay: an overworld map, town and dungeon field maps, a battle screen, and a menu screen. The overworld map is a scaled-down version of the game's fictional world, which the player uses to direct characters to various locations. As with most games in the series, the three primary means of travel across the overworld are by foot, chocobo, and airship. With a few plot-driven exceptions, enemies are randomly encountered on field maps and on the overworld when traveling by foot. The menu screen is where the player makes such decisions as which characters will be in the traveling party, which equipment they wield, the magic they learn, and the configuration of the gameplay. It is also used to track experience points and levels.[6]
The game's plot develops as the player progresses through towns and dungeons. Town citizens will offer helpful information and some residents own item or equipment shops. Later in the game, visiting certain towns will activate side-quests. Dungeons appear as a variety of areas, including caves, sewers, forests, and buildings. These dungeons often have treasure chests containing rare items that are not available in most stores. Some dungeons feature puzzles and mazes, which require the player to divide the characters into multiple parties.[6]
A battle scene, with four of the heroes on the right and two larger four-footed monsters on the left. The figures are displayed on a green field with mountains in the background, and the names and status of the figures is displayed in blue boxes in the bottom third of the screen.

A battle in Final Fantasy VI
Combat in Final Fantasy VI is menu-based, in which the player selects an action from a list of such options as Fight, Magic, and Item. A maximum of four characters may be used in battles, which are based on the series' traditional Active Time Battle (ATB) system first featured in Final Fantasy IV. Under this system, each character has an action bar that replenishes itself at a rate dependent on their speed statistic. When a character's action bar is filled, the player may assign an action. In addition to standard battle techniques, each character possesses a unique special ability. For example, Locke possesses the ability to steal items from enemies, while Celes' Runic ability allows her to absorb most magical attacks cast until her next turn.[7]
Another element is a powerful attack substitution that occasionally appears when a character's health is low. Similar features appear in later Final Fantasy titles under a variety of different names, including Limit Breaks, Desperation Moves, Trances, and Overdrives.[8] Characters are rewarded for victorious battles with experience points and money, called gil (Gold Piece (GP) in the original North American localization). When characters attain a certain amount of experience points, they gain a level, which increases their statistics. An additional player may play during battle scenarios, with control of individual characters assigned from the configuration menu.[7]
Characters in Final Fantasy VI can be equipped with a wide variety of weapons, armor and accessories (known as "Relics") to increase their statistics and obtain special abilities. Most of this equipment can be used by several different characters, and each character may equip up to two Relics. Relics have a variety of uses and effects, some of which alter basic battle commands, allow characters to use multiple weapons, provide permanent status changes during battle or use protective magical spells in response to being near death.[9]
Although only two characters start the game with the ability to use magic, almost every character can learn to do so. Characters may equip magicite, which enables the summoning of espers, this game's incarnation of summoned monsters (including several recurring summons such as Ifrit, Shiva, Bahamut and Odin, along with many new summons exclusive to Final Fantasy VI), as well as that of specific magic spells. If a character has a piece of magicite equipped, he or she will gain "Magic Acquisition Points" after most battles. As a character gains magic AP, he or she gradually learns spells from the magicite equipped and will gain additional statistic bonuses when leveling up, depending on the magicite.



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Unfortunately I don't have much experience with Zelda games. For those of you who are interested, my favorite RPG are the games of the Elder Scrolls Series because there's just so much do do. Especially No. 5 Skyrim was developed with so much love :). Having spent hours and hours exploring and questing in Skyrim, I continued later with my friends in the MMO-RPG Elder Scrolls Online which also has its good sides ;-)


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Skyrim is the best RPG ever made, any gamer who has played it as much as I've would say. Not only has it done some impressive things not done in previous games before it. It also brings the element of a gigantic open world which would be impossible to finish in a day. If you just looking for RPG games in general though, you have no farther to look then the company who made Skyrim, Bethesda. They have developed numerous chart topping RPG's and are sure to continue coming out with them for a long time. Bethesda is the go to game studio for RPG's simply because that's their main category of game. In conclusion though any modern huge developer of games will make a great game with all the resources, money, time, and effort they spend on their games.


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I would say Fallout 3. It was my first RPG. I still can remember all the fun I had with the game. I wish I could play it again like I use to. I would play for hours and never get bored of it.


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Without a doubt, World of Warcraft is THE best MMORPG on the planet. The graphics, the playability, the story, all make it a great game. I have also met quite a few life-long friends from the game, either from playing with them, or attending the conventions.


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The only RPG I have seriously ever played was Skyrim. I have not played any other games, but I still believe Skyrim is one of the best. This is because of its size and just the amazing background information. I love almost every aspect of Skyrim's gameplay and lore. The only game franchise that can really compare is fallout, which is also made by Bethesda so lol.


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My favorite RPG games are like many of others favorite. Basic favorites are Chrono Cross, Finial Fantasy 8 and some other FF games. I like the Persona series and the Shinmigami series.

However, I do not like Kingdom Hearts. I don't know why. I have tried to get into many times. But no luck.


i would like to play lots of RPG ames since i started playing GTA from past decades, but nowdays "PUBG" got my attention and it is a game that i play most because of not only it is a good managed multiplayer game available for most platforms but it kind of smooth and rich graphic content is delivered and mission and task are designed well that make our interest contantantly throughout all period of gaming!


I am pretty sure zelda:TLTTP is not an RPG. Well, I love all zelda canon games, and I have played most of them. But for pure RPGs, the tales series are one of my favorites, then disgaea 1&2 ports on the psp. Others include Avalon Code on the DS, some dragon quest games. I love them mostly for the story, with disgaea series having a lot of comedy and slapstick.


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ahhhh RPG games ... let me remember :O

Started with Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, then Morrowind ...

Nowadays, I heard a lot about Skyrim but I dont like it, I prefer the Witcher Series now the scenario is simply unique, one of the best stories in all RPGs ever let alone the amazing gameplay... First time of my life I was playing a game to know what will happen next in the the freaking story as much as for bashing zombies and blasting spells and have sex with sexy girls. Loved it.

I read somewhere that the The Witcher games were based on a big polish fantasy I think (correct me if I'm wrong) that's why the storyline was so good.

Never touched MMORPGs too much, I know how they can be addictive, I've seen it it's prettty bad and now with the time it became a noob game too easy stuff nothing to do except to follow the arrows... what a joke..

have good play people ! :D


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My favorite RPG games are Fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls Skyrim. This is an example of great games. The storyline and gameplay in both games are incredible. And the soundtrack in Fallout 3 with Three Dog is excellent.


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Baulders Gate 2 - Shadow of Amn
I first played it when I was 10. I had no idea what I was doing, I found it to be the hardest game ever. Since then I've replayed it more times than any other game. As I got older i understood the depth of the story and still love it. But maybe it's more because of nostalgia haha