Your Top Subreddits!


New member
If you use reddit that is...

I never used to like reddit, but in the past couple months I've been using it more and more.

My top 5 subreddits would have to be:
r/til - I love learning random things I never knew
r/eyebleach - because we all need to unsee some stuff
r/GlobalOffensive - I'm a big CS:GO player so I hang around here a lot
r/SourceFed - I love SourceFed!
r/MagicTCG - I am a huge MTG fan!

So what about you guys, what subreddits do you like? Do you even like reddit?
If not, why? Talk it out!


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My reddits are:
Wakfu < I am playing in this beautiful 2d sandbox mmo
Leagueoflegends < keeping track on lol
Summonerschool < learning lol :)

Those reddits are my fave and I visit them a lot.