Youtube Geek Week


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Not sure if any of you know, but this week is Youtube Geek Week. (UK Version)

Monday`s main video is Knightmare. Which is a rehash of a late 80`s early 90`s children's TV programme. (I used to watch it myself back when I was younger)

British TV classic Knightmare has been resurrected to celebrate Geek Week! Filmed in the original Norwich studios with original cast and crew, and produced by show creator Tim Child, Treguard and Lord Fear once again fight for control of the dungeon...

It's been 19 years since a dungeoneer and his advisors have attempted to beat The Opposition with help from The Powers That Be. Will this new team succeed or will they sidestep left when they need to go right?

Here is it.


Not sure what`s happening in other Countries, be interesting to see you could post it up on here.


Thought this one was a good one .... particularly from the production point of view - very entertaining as well: