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anybody knows free software for downloading youtube videos from pc and and android mobile.


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You could use online services like
simply paste your youtube link and enjony
do not forget to add http://


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I use an extension for firefox called Download YouTube Videos as MP4 1.7.31 by ialc
it not only downloads video in MP4 720p (1280x720) - HD it also gives me wmv conversion option which is what I need for sony vegas & has a very neat little drop down button under the player that matches the style perfectly

their homepage


I just Google "youtube to video", or if I want a certain file format, "youtube to mp4", replacing"mp4" with whichever file format you need. You'll get a ton of free online converter sites as results.


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Best Firefox extension I have found is 'Ant'

Top youtube and other site video downloader.

find it in Firefox ext store.


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Vidmate for Android works best for me. It can not only download videos from youtube but from most of the other popular websites. It worked for me so I hope it will work for you too.


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for PC use Youtube downloader or Internet download manager (IDM) and for android I use AVD free or mediaTap:good:


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Realplayer cloud. Realplayer has been around forever. You don't have to turn on the cloud features. Then hover over a video, and it'll pop up a menu where you can download it.


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Without wasting your time. Simply add "ss" just after "www." and before "". For example,

If your youtube URL is "
". Simply put "ss" like "

You will be taken to the download page (powered by savefrom). This will definitely save your time.

Thank me later :)


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Here's what I use, and it's the easiest thing for Android!


It's an app, google it and download the .apk and put it on your phones storage.
Then all you have to do is use a file manager app(I suggest Astro if your phone doesn't have one already) to locate the .apk and install it. You'll have to enable "Unknown Sources" in your settings.

Then it's as easy as opening the app, searching the video on youtube, and hitting the download icon.

The first time it'll ask you to download a conversion app that's needed for it to work and takes up little space.

It can download videos in audio or video and is a must-have on any phone I own.
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