How did you Learn to Program and Code?


I started one days learn to c++. When i learned a wrote a forum and look to Yotube and i prove do somethings i understand.


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One day I wanted to make a program and I did. It sticks with me for some time until I decided that I need to take it more seriously and I went to vocational school. I don't really have any other choice after graduating so I am currently studying Computer Science on uni.


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brocartel said:
I am starting off using W3Schools and im not a expert but i am just wondering how did you learn to be as great as you are today?

Like making Programs, Themes, Webpages, etc.

I just need help as i can get and just want to know how you started off... also How long it took if you don't mind to do basic work.

I use W3Schools but if you want a better experience with learning how to code use This is what I used to learn HTML, CSS and Java. It is much better than W3 in my opinion. Anyway, it took me a couple of weeks to learn all of this. HTML is quite simple and same with CSS, but Java and JS can be a bit tricky. Let me know how Codecademy is if you choose to use it.


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I starting with a book, with visual basic, There was a book in my college about programation, and i get it. And i think the best way to learn is with a book. If you see videos on youtube, the time extend becouse the youtuber win money with many videos that your clients see. And they extend te time, for each concepts.


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My dad was a programmer and he taught me how to code years ago using Logo (the turtle drawing program). Then I moved from Scratch (MIT's block programming language) to Python to C++ (Arduino boards). I haven't coded anything for some time, but I think I will go back to programming my future humanoid companion friend.


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1. the key in every filed is HARD WORKING!
2. after that, you have to use good resources like w3schools.
3. you need learn common knowledge programming first.
4. after you can go to next step and learn every language you should specify your interested filed such as client side, server side and etc.
5. I suggest learn server side languages like as php, node.js and java. they are very usefull!
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I used sololearn and recommend it due to its simplicity. It also has many languages including C++,Python and Java. Its also available in the android playstore, windows phone store and apple app store. Go to: Sololearn


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I personally learned the basics of Java and C in university. I have studied Computer Engineering and learned about software and hardware architecture, programming languages, complilers, libraries and everything in between. My only problem with these studies is that they are extremely theoretical, so you may spend three to five years studying these topics and find yourself not ready for work or not skilled enough.


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Take a look at the source code , break down the code so you can understand how it works , then maybe rebuild something else from what you've learnt


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I learned programming all by myself while researching on the internet. The first programming language that I learned was WML (Wireless Markup Language). It was for java and symbian mobile os like in 2004 to 2009. Soon after that I have learned my other programming languages like html, css, javascript, php, mysql using lynda's video tutorials. Surely it helped me a lot. So now if someone asks me how to learn programming I refer them to's video tutorials.


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I learned my first language in school, it was easy but you couldn't do much with it.Python is a good language but in school you learn the basics for a long time.In my opinion you should start learning a language from tutorials or alone from maybe threads.Its quicker and more effensive


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With what @Jr32767 says, compared to what others say here, can we say school (IT college) is useless? because you don't need to study in school to learn programming. There are plethora of resources available in the internet to learn programming.


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sompret said:
With what @Jr32767 says, compared to what others say here, can we say school (IT college) is useless? because you don't need to study in school to learn programming. There are plethora of resources available in the internet to learn programming.
IT College is never useless. It's a qualification that will be very valuable when you apply for serious IT positions.
These days there are many IT specialists who are self-trained with experience, however if there is a choice between two of them and the one has an IT qualification, I'm sure he will have an edge over the other one.


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I started from a book about C#. Excellent language for a beginner!! Later I chose to watch video tutorials. For websites I started with w3schools.