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Hi all
I'm starting up a new technology blog and decided to go with a simplistic look and this was the logo I made. Not sure if its to "simple" shall we say. What do you guys think?


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I think it looks great whats the font ?




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It looks great, also like the suggestions from @"aya" for the symbol. They look more high quality than the one you have on your original image. As for the name and font, looking good. :)


Oh, dark grey might work nicely! Making the symbol a little bigger might help too. You could also try moving the symbol to the left of the text. All in all, it would be nice if the symbol was more prominent.


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Those engraved letters are difficut to reproduce in some formats, and different qualities, I would make a simplier font for possible uses like printing, etc. One option more compact is including the words inside the rounded logo


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Im gonna be the guy to give a honest opinion , i think it looks alright but to me it kinda looks like you just wrote some text and added "bevel" to it it using photoshop default styles.... i think it could be improved. Again this is my opinion


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classic and simple, I guess you need to use background color according to the website background and adjust that time according to your need. Can't say any fix color for it other than your matching requirement. thanks happy webbing.


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A brief analysis, I understand that the question is no longer relevant, however, this may help other users


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Actually, I think it looks excellent with the caveat that the shadowing in your first linked picture really adds quality and professionalism. You want simplicity, particularly for tech work where simplicity of design is desired, the font works really well with the caps, and the shadowing shows more thought and quality behind the simplicity. The fact that the shadowing is silver is a nice touch, as it subtly refers to technology and makes me feel slightly nostalgic for the 90s grey machines and the insides of pc components. It does also look excellent on white but you lose the shadowing in the above examples, which are less striking by comparison.

Customers don't want fuss, they want something clear, professional, relevant to the IT industry and not an obvious copy-paste bodge job. Your logo fulfils those requirements.